Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Vacation Runs

I've been looking back at my running year, and as I mentioned I'm pleased with the results. I reached my goal of 1,000 km and had a good time. There was, of course, some challenges- seriously my right ankle was really giving me grief all summer long. Plus a few other aches and pains, but that's the lot of these things.

What I noticed was the number of times I went running out of town. When I had some vacation or had to attend meetings, I was able to put some running in and had a good time doing it. It started in Ottawa in February. I checked the conditions, it was horrible as was most of last winter. Got it in.

In June, I was up in Mississauga for a conference and I brought my running gear. Got a run in.

The most fun was the two runs I got when I was in Reykjavik for a 10 day vacation. It was something else to visit a different country and put some runs in.

What is great about running, is that it becomes an opportunity to see a new place. Usually you stick with the tourist area but when you run, you get into the residences and the commercial areas. Although I can say, it's always good to bring a map with you, just sayin'.

One place I wanted to run, but wasn't able to make the time was Washington DC. It's an amazing city and there are a lot of runners out and about, obviously a strong running community.

When packing a pair of running shoes, shorts and a couple of technical tee's or a layer or two, depending on the weather, is all you need to get out and do a good run. A map of the city that can be folding and stuck in the shorts or pants makes for a good resource and will help you figure out where to run next. Even if you may be limited in luggage space, it's not going to take up any room at all. What I enjoyed about running in Reykjavik is that I was able to go through a number of neighbourhoods and see how things are in that part of the world. Plus Iceland has next to no pollution, so you're breathing clean air- which is always a treat for a runner. With the fact that many smartphones have a gps capability, then with the right running program, you can have a map to keep as a constant record.

With all the resources one can find online, you don't even have to plan a route, but can find what's the most popular near where you are staying and run where the locals run. If you are concerned with personal safety, then this can be a strategy, as it's popular there are probably runners always around. As well, a popular run with be close to things such as coffee shops, stores and other places for resources, safety and relaxation. Plus a gas station will mean a bathroom. Let's face it, that's important.

Make sure you bring your phone, both to call for help, call for directions, use for GPS and also to take a photograph or two.

In other news, I purchased a GPS watch today. One of my Christmas gifts was a gift card and I found one that was within my price range and had good reviews.

Now I have to wait for it to arrive at a local store and it will be on my wrist. I want one that I can upload information to my account. I'm looking forward to wearing and using it on my runs and walks, plus anything elelse I might do in the course of a day.

I've signed up for the 100 days of running from

The rules are simple:
We'll be running at least ONE mile for 100 days in 2015, starting January 1st. This is not a running streak ... You have to run 100 days until the end of 2015. 4 SIMPLE RULES FOR THIS CHALLENGE: #1 NEVER GO 3 DAYS WITHOUT RUNNING #2 RUN AT LEAST 3 DAYS A WEEK #3 NEVER MISS A MONDAY #4 NEVER GIVE UP!
Look it up and give it a try.

To conclude this post, I want to wish all of you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

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