Sunday, December 14, 2014

Diversity in Combination

I posted the last time my thoughts of a particular exercise program. It's the previous one and it seems the creator spent most of his time informing everyone how horrible cardio-vascular exercise is for the body and person.

As I state, I only lost weight when I took up running. Running has been a great way to lose weight. No matter what some want to think it's not boring. Running outside means there always something to see. Right now, it's quite grey and dull, but at night, there's always the lights of Christmas.

One point that should be brought forward is the importance of diversity in exercise. A good exercise program should include cardio, strength and resistance training and anything else that can be considered exercise. Working in this way means all muscles are used and you're not getting into a rut with one form of exercise. I recall reading one point that suggests that runners should always include some sort of resistance training since you need muscles. What's the point of running a half marathon if you can't lift a bag of groceries out of the back of a car?

The great realization is there is so much one can do, so many styles and workout patterns that there is no reason to get stuck in one type only. Make it a point of discovery.

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