Sunday, January 22, 2017

Working Out before Working Out

I was discussing exercise and workouts with a family member during the start of the year. It's one of those typical 'new year, new you'discussion. It got a bit funny when he brought up the fact that he was looking at getting a spin bike. I was in one of those moods because I asked if he would keep it near the treadmill. Sadly some of the comment has the truth, they do have a treadmill and yes it's in the basement. To be fair, he has done Disney runs a few times so he has some cred as far as I'm concerned. However it's some of the equipment that people have bought has ended up being the place to put the folded laundry.

His plan is to go back to the gym, I can't recall if he still has membership or is going to get membership to this one gym in the city he lives in and it's going to be good. As you know I've got membership with a gym and I truly enjoy my membership. Plus I manage to get out about 2-3 times her week which I feel is a good use of my time and effort. I like it because not only is there a lot of equipment but there are classes that i can take. I have to also say there is a very nice hydro massage bed, two of them so thee is always a nice opportunity to relax and have a nice massage. It is good and makes it's a nice way to end the workout.

So where was I? Yes he wants to get a membership and then have a personal trainer help him to get the right workout that he needs.

I have to say this a good plan, one that should be able to help him gain his strength and health back to where it can be. I made one suggestion and this is a suggestion I think we should all have. He wants to start exercise in February, I made the suggestion that he start right now. He has a iPhone and has an iPad and if you have read this blog for a few years you know what I'm going to suggest, and that is Skimble. My thinking is this, before you start a serious exercise program and if you are going to have a personal trainer, then you should do something to get starting. Let me say it's not like the old 'clean the house before the cleaners get here'. What I think is that one of the problems with starting an exercise program is that you will be using muscles that are not used, at least not on a regular basis. If muscles get used, then they begin the micro-tearing and you will be stiff. Stiffness is one thing that will kill the motivation to exercise. One person made the comment that they did 100 sit ups and were stiff for days afterwards, I think they said for three days. This is a motivation killer. If, however, you start with some exercise program, especially one that uses the muscle groups that are going to be worked closely with the trainer, then one will be ready for the exercise program. I know one could ask why do you need to go to a Personal Trainer if you go to Skimble? The reason is quite simple, because at the end of the day, having a person looking you over is better and one can get good feedback. Also the Personal Trainer will be able to push you when you need to be pushed and give suggestions or push back if he or she senses you are working too hard and could injure yourself. The challenge of self starting is the risk of injury. Most of the injury will be small and will only set you back a few days, but there is also the risk. One of the risks and this is a danger we all face is that you will have an injury and you will have the attitude that you can work your way through the injury. It's never as bad as you think it is, but let me tell you, injury even the smallest ones, can lead to something worse. Never think you can work your way through the injury because the risk is that it will get worse and you will be off the exercise program for a very long time. Trust me I know this fact.

My recommendation is that a person starts slowly and accept that fact that you are not going to be able to do all you want right away. Right now I finally got my running back on after not running for over a month. The problem is I had a recurring head and chest cold so I didn't want to push it and risk it becoming even worse. After having pneumonia a couple of times, I am not going to risk anything at all. I have missed running and it feels good. I'm only running a little over 5K for now but I want to get back to adding the distance in the next week.

I'm going to ask him how his workout program has started and hopefully there will be a some good news.

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