Monday, January 2, 2017

What's ahead for 2017

Alright, this is the second blog of the year. I gave my report over the events and situations of last year and how it was. Generally I feel good about what was done and while I am disappointed that no running took place in December, I know that things happen. Right now I'm fighting a brand new cold, yeah illness, and so running is going to be postponed until such a time as I stop coughing a lung out. This is not to say I plan to stop all exercise, I will keep going. I have activated the LG Health app on my smartphone which contains the challenge of a 30 minute daily walk. It remains to be seen how long I will allow another app to annoy my life and make it my slave. It's bad enough with the FitBit Flex with its accompanying app that is now controlling my life, although I am slow to the mark when it comes to the whole water drinking thing, plus that sleeping is both a good thing and a bad thing. But when that little devise buzzes and the lights do the dance that demonstrate I've reached 10,000 steps it does make me happy. I have enough apps to keep me going. I'm not sure if this is all a good thing or a bad thing, perhaps I should research this and find out if there is such a thing as too many fitness apps.

I am not calling this a Resolution Blog, since that word has sadly becoming a mockery today. What it has come to mean is goals set with the desire to either forget them in a couple of months, or remind you what a undisciplined individual you really are and that means simply sitting around on the couch watching TV. However, even if I don't use the word I want to consider what I need to do this upcoming year, because there are some good goals that can be stated, things attainable and will be good for me. Let's get started:

1)Running As I wrote yesterday, I wanted to curtail my running and develop my other forms of exercise in 2016. As such, mission was accomplished. Well in 2017 I want to get my running up and going, again waiting for this ridiculous cold to pass. I'm going to give myself a week of walking and perhaps some jogging before I get back to running. I want to say that I enjoy running, it is fun to do and when I go through different neighbourhoods and see what's happening it is fun. Plus I've added some urban trails to my efforts and it has been challenging and good for my fitness. I plan to enter some races and perhaps this year run another half marathon. The first one I did was great for the first 20 km, it was the last 1.1 km that was the problem. I plan to spend more time running outside of the city, along the regional roads for example and take on those challenges.

2)Weight. Normally this is not a topic I touch upon because it is the truest road to failure, however I've got to come to grips with one horrible truth, I have developed the dad bod. Yes I've put on a few pounds and while nothing is terrible, it's snug. While I do joke and mention the fact that my six pack is kept insulated, I can lose a few pounds, probably between 5-10 pounds. I think this can be done by ramping up the cardio work and just watching what I eat. I don't have a huge diet of what would be considered junk food and I'm not going to start eating nothing but salads. There's not much else I need to cut out, not a big pop drinker for example although I do like the snacks. It is something I will keep an eye on and watch things. I don't think I'll follow any of those strange youtube channels.

3) Cycling. Going to keep this a priority for the new year. This year it will be 100 miles on the bike. I plan to start in March, providing the weather is good, that is no snow on the road and try for one good hour ride a week.

4) Gym. Still a good thing to have the gym now at 8 minutes away. I've got a few ideas. The main one will be fewer bike miles and more elliptical miles. I'm thinking I may have to get back to the treadmill, which I hate. I'm really like the elliptical machine and they do have a lot of very nice ones. I know I've got to steel myself for the sudden influx of new people, but hopefully many of them will discover the joy of fitness

5) Home Exercise Program. The workout program is still on and going strong. I will continue to make a priority of starting my day with a workout program that will get the heart rate up and myself ready to face the day.

That's my plan for 2017. You might say there are no goals, and you're right. I don't believe in goals, I believe in doing.

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