Monday, December 14, 2015

Cats on Mats doing Yoga

I came across the advertisement for "Cats on Your Mats" and had to consider this a bit more. From what I gathered, this is sponsored by the Humane Society of Edmonton and it gives people who love cats an opportunity to spend some time doing yoga with cats. The great thing is, the Humane Society provides the cats, with the idea that you will so love the little fur ball that you will being the process of adopting a cat. After all what could be better then having a cat so you can perform Yoga with? After all, you can buy calendars that feature monthly photographs of cats doing various yoga poses.

Other then plenty that is.

As you know from a previous post, I had two cats, one Theo was my training coach. He would always check my poses and make sure my planks were straight enough and the hold was doing good. He would walk right underneath me a number of times to ensure the proper form. He would expect nothing more then perfection, and a good head rub. After he was satisfied, he would go to his little cat bed and relax. That was his routine. Now that he is gone, Eowyn has taken over the duties of spending time with me on my mat as I workout. She has a different style, she tends to sit at one end of the mat while I workout. There are some consequences to this and most have to do with her tail.

Cats are very friendly, very intelligent animals. Their abilities are amazing. They are also as dumb as a sack of hammers when they want to be, especially with their tails. They often leave their tails stretched out all over the place. A couple of examples that demonstrated the sack of hammer ability of a cat. So I'm working out with a couple of kettlebells. I still like working out with them. Now kettlebells can have a good bit of momentum to them, especially when doing some swings. Well, this evening, with my leg spreads and swing the kettlebell, Eowyn decides this is the best time to rub between my legs. Forget that I could clobber her quite easily if I don't pay close attention. This is what cats do, they simply do what they want and you have to make the adjustments that will protect them and so that's the way it is with cats.

Then while doing some other working out, I backed up and yes, found Eowyn's tail. Cats sound so bad when you tread on their tails. They also look so pathetic as they sit there looking back at you. They make you feel horrible and you have done something terrible.

Throw all those stretches that is part and parcel with yoga and have cats around the feet. Oh yes a recipe for disaster if ever there was one.

I read this interesting paragraph:

This course is not only healthy and fun, it also helps to socialize and enrich the lives of the shelter cats, as well as, encourages adoption by showing off the cats awesome personalities by interacting with them.
Of course you will want to adopt a cat.

Now that I've expressed the potential dangers, all those cats staring at you after treading of tails. Plus an even greater danger is that you will end up with more then one extra cat. After all, after a few sessions at the Humane Society, how can you ever go back home and not have a cat around the place.

This is truly dangerous.

So go out and do some yoga around your cat, and buy yourself a calendar.

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