Monday, December 28, 2015


When I started the year I had thought I could possibly run about 660-670 miles. I know I've written about this, so forgive the repeat of the situation; I was going through a couple of injuries and figured I shouldn't push it much. After all I had barely reached 1000 km, 622 miles and so a gradual increase would be in order. My main thought was to consider finally doing a half-marathon, which I did in September finishing the Army Run in under 2 hours 20 minutes.

At the beginning, I did a Resolution Run up in Kitchener. While I got a very nice jacket, I'm not sure I would do it again, unless they changed the course, after all it was a 2.5 km loop. To reach the 10 Km, I did it 4 times, not bad but that wind was horrible and I got to experience four different times. I think a nice 5Km loop would have been proper.

Enough of the grousing; shortly after the half-marathon, I reached 1000km and was feeling real good. In fact since about mid-summer the symptoms which had been gradually becoming less and less were about gone. I still wore a little compression around my left knee but it was almost more out of habit or to protect rather then dealing with any actual problem. Plus, I have to say this, I had gotten very serious with treatment, especially using ice on the sore areas. It is amazing how ice can help. I got myself a couple of Dr. Ice wraps and was using them religiously. All this was helping and with the exception of my calves totally cramping up, I did the run. Okay back to the distance, I reached 1000km and felt good. A few weeks later I reached my goal of 660 miles. I should apologize for the flipping between Imperial and Metric, but that how I measure. Then it was the thought of making it to 700 miles.

Another couple of weeks later, after another race I reached 700 miles and it was then and only then I wondered if I could reach 800 miles. My furthest for the year had been 728 miles, which had amazed me then and it still amazes me. let's face it a couple of years ago I wasn't much of a runner, a very seasonal and sporadic runner at best. But the thought had creeped into my brain and I asked myself if it was possible to reach this next plateau.

After looking at my calendar, checking the weather and doing the math I came to the conclusion that it was possible. More then possible, it was my next goal for the year. And so the last 6 weeks began. I was fortunate that this part of Ontario had a very seasonal late fall and early winter; the temperatures were for the most part above freezing and there was limited moisture falling. The moisture was rain and at most I would have to wait an extra 24 hours before the next run. I also concluded that by combining longer runs with the occasional short run it was an attainable goal.

December was the month that could have been challenging but I was able to run all the times I wanted to run. Plus another fun run inspired me to keep going with a springboard to the last 50 miles, or 80 km. My pace was steady, my running was on schedule. Then finally Boxing Day arrived, all I needed was a nice 10Km run. I had taken it easy that week, due to the demands of work but the day arrived. This is just an observation, but I think I should have one the run on Christmas Day before the very delicious, very large and very filling Turkey dinner. I ran but I will say, I was still full from the day before. Filled with energy, desire and turkey I set out. It was not a pretty one but my watched binged the 10th kilometer I managed another 100 meters and stopped. The final goal for the year was reached. 800 miles. For me that was a personal best. I had thought that anything above 728 would have been good enough but still to reach 800 miles. Yes it consumed my thinking and now I look back with a great deal of satisfaction. I had done it. The photo above is me gesturing the "8" for those 800 miles. 800 great miles.

I felt so happy at that moment. It is my milestone. I did it.

I supposed I should consider what my next year's goal will be. One thought I'm having is that perhaps not as much, I don't want another injury like I had last year. Plus I have been neglecting my bike this past year. I think I need to incorporate more riding into my exercise routine. Plus I have a new bike, it's about time I put some miles on it.

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