Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Push Up

Is there a more maligned form of exercise then the push up?

If there is one exercise that has followed us through most of life, it is the push up. We learned about them and then attempted it in elementary gym class. No doubt the exercise was totally wrong, lifting of the arms and then the lower torso did some sort of spastic action. We were encouraged to build our upper body strength and have fun doing it.

Then high school came about, and when you think of it, high school might have ruined exercise for a lot of people who weren't jocks. Then for some reason, more then running, push-ups became a means of punishment. How often have we heard the phrase "drop and give me..." With that sort of reputation, you got to believe there's a lot of negative thoughts and opinion towards what must be thought of as a straightforward and good form of exercise.

So let's get rid of those preconceived notions and nightmares of gym class and consider the push up in a new and positive light.

The push-up is a great way to develop your upper body. The shoulders, chests and arms all get used during the workout. It is also an workout that requires nothing, no tools, no extra weights. For location, all you need is a place longer and wider then your body. Inside, or outside, all you need is a flat, or fairly flat surface and you are good to go. It is the most basic of exercise that uses your body weight and gravity as the means of resistance. All your weight is placed on four locations, the hands and the toes. It does take some balance and requires a good form but it can be done by anyone.

If it's been years since you've done a push-up, then like all exercises, you start simple and don't overdo it. Although you might want to try to discover how healthy you are by simply doing as many as you can before collapsing. One plan that is popular on the Internet is the 100 push up plan. Once of the first things at the start is to determine your strength, and that one is do as many as you can. There are charts to show your present strength and from that basis, you work forward. It is a means of building strength and endurance. Like everything else, it will take time, you can just simply drop and give 100. If you can, then you have a great upper body strength. You should then move to the next level.

If you are interested,the site 100 Push Ups gives a six week plan to gain this goal. People who have done it have great review of what they have.

I haven't hit the magic goal, the most I've done is 75. You do feel it too.

One of the problem with the basic push up is it is the basic push up. There's a certain level of tedium that can become part of the program. Exercise should never be tedious, because that will rob you of the desire to do the work. Boredom can be a problem. Men's Fitness has an article which gives 15 variations, which will make a great way to change the style of exercise and also develop different muscle groups and help with your overall strength.

The Push-up much maligned but also a great way of developing strength and stamina. You know, if all those people who use push-ups as punishment had only considered what it is doing to you, they might not have wanted you to do something that's only going to make you stronger.

Do some push-ups, because it's a great way to get stronger.

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