Monday, April 13, 2015

Bye Buddy

If you have a cat, you have a workout partner

If no one has ever coined that phrase, then let me make it a comment on exercise and cats. When ever I did a exercise routine or program, I could count on the fact that both my cats would participate in the proceeding. As I have mentioned, this past year I got serious with a morning workout and so after breakfast I would go downstairs, put a mat down, after feeding the cats and get ready. If I left the area the result would be what I've posted, a cat or cats would decided they needed their own time to workout. This meant that I would either take the cats off the mat, if they were in the way, or simply move myself around and get enough space do do what I needed to do. That worked and kept both cats very happy.

The white cat is Theo. He was the most active when it came to participating with me, which is interesting since he was the older of the two cats. I could always count on him to stroll around and sit beside me and help me with my form. For a cat, help meant walking underneath me when I was doing a plank, or sitting real close when I did crunches, my arm would rub up against him and he would enjoy the interaction. I do recall doing a wall plank and he simply sat 'looking' at me as I was there upside down. This was interesting since he was blind. But that never stopped him.

As said he was an older cat, as it is bound to happen, he started to get very old, very fast and he went from the dynamic cat to a very old cat. Even though he might not have moved very fast or even spend much time around, he would go and sleep in his little hut, I could always count on him to stroll out when I came down to do my work. It didn't matter, he would be there and help me. He was a cat with a very loud purr as well and when I started to pet, or interact as I worked out, the purrs would start and get progressively louder. After a few minutes, and usually when I finished my push up and crunch combo, he would go off to eat. He might walk around for a bit, or go back into his little hut. Or he would hand around for the duration. He enjoyed being with me as I did the exercise routine. It didn't matter what program I used, or stretching I made, he would be there.

As is the case with all life, Theo began to get worse. You could see him and the decline that was taking place. While I didn't want to admit it, at first, it was becoming time to make some decisions. The reality was, he was not going to get better, a vet check up revealed a lot of internal problems. Through it all, he stayed happy and was still coming out to exercise. He would not leave me alone even once. If he wasn't around at the start, he would make his way eventually. He would also show some of his stretches and even in his advanced age, he could do good and get a good muscle workout.

Finally the realization and conversation turned to 'when'. He was getting weaker and weaker, even though his eating was still good. A call was made,the appointment made and then it was time to wait. On the morning of the fateful day, I went downstairs for my workout, and again Theo came out to help. He did his usual thing during the arms and abs and made sure he was nearby for his various petting he received. Then after he was done, he would go back into the hut and just lie there. Then it was just a matter to come back from work and take him to the animal hospital. I did and I walked in with him. I will be honest, I wasn't not at all happy or feeling good about doing this to my buddy. He had been there with us for such a long time. Now it was time to say my final 'good-bye' to my happy cat.

After a very peaceful time, Theo passed away. He was so calm. There was no stress.

Saturday, I didn't feel like exercising, after all I didn't have my Coach with me. It didn't feel right. I moved his little hut away, because I didn't think I could look at it while working out. He may be gone, but he still exists in my mind and memories. While his attention to detail, and his workouts might have been annoying at times. Seriously cat, you have to attempt to go between my legs while I'm swinging a kettlebell. He still made it fun.

With this blog I say good-bye to my workout partner, my Coach and my Buddy.

You'll be missed Theo, thanks for all your help.

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