Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Winter Gear Money's Worth

A person I follow on DailyMile,suggested they got their money's worth on all the winter gear they had purchased. They also suggested it is now time for winter to go away.

Her extra post:

Here's the good thing about this winter: I've gotten every penny out of my investment in my expensive winter running gear. Now, I'd like to get to make use of my investment in my spring and summer gear. So, winter, it's been fun but that's enough now. Time for you to go home.

If you are on Dailymile, may I recommend following Kate? Good runner with some good comments. Has recorded some very nice runs.

It got me thinking of all the new equipment I had purchased over the winter and how I was able to use all of it.

First of all, I got a great polar fleece jacket for doing the Resolution Run in Kitchener. Trust me it was worth running and getting that as part of the goods. I've worn that a whole lot of times over the last three months, and I can say 'three months', because I've had to wear it a few times this month.

Purchased a few new layers to wear and yes, been wearing them as part of the three or four layers I had to don when going out, nothing like putting two, three or four layers to slow down the process.

Finally got a pair of mitts to wear over my running gloves. There are times when gloves simply don't do, need the extra layer and the warmth that can be generated by two pair of gloves. Plus it's easier to move the fingers. Got it through the Mountain Warehouse store at the Niagara Falls Outlet Collection Mall. I want to suggest if you're ever in the Falls area, just make the trip on the QEW back to St. Catharines, and you will have a good time at this Mall. Stop and enjoy a David's Tea there, as well. Plus there is a Reebok store and you know how much I like Reebok equipment.

The new Toque from OneMoreMile, a great store for some of the best and funniest running shirts etc. This year, my toque had this message: "Training For The Zombie Apocalypse". A good slogan and makes you think.

So that's the list of things I've bought. You know, not one bit of it was wasted, certainly wore everything more then once.

It's now waiting for Spring to makes it's appearance I can wash all those things and put them away.

Keep working out everybody.

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