Monday, March 16, 2015

150 Minutes

I'm sure I've read this before, and today I read it again. I was reading an article from this month's issue of Running World magazine. By the way I just started a subscription- it was a real good deal for 1 year and I couldn't resist. After all, $12.00 for 11 issues, that's a real sweet deal. Couldn't resist. After all, I pick up a copy practically every month and the cost for an issue is about $6.00 so it was actually a no-brainer.

Anyway, the issue was the Weight-Loss Special. The article in particular had the headline of how to run your way lean. The premise of the article was that burning more calories is better then limiting calories. The title is "A Weight Loss Manifesto", the way to get slim and stay that way. It's so important right now, since we are experiencing a time when obesity is at an all time high and the cost associated with this is getting higher and higher. Some estimates put the costs at about $2 trillion per year. With health costs on the verge of getting out of control, if its not already, then th

ese are not good numbers. What the problem is, this is not a disease without a cure, it has a simple cure, to defeat obesity, you lose weight. I know there the problem now becomes how do you do this. Is it diet, is it exercise, is it a combination. Some experts in the field will states that exercise is important, but it's more important to curtail the calories. It all goes back to our present lifestyle, which is filled with high caloric food and low movement during the day. We tend to sit. I look at my job and I'm afraid it's probably typical for this age, lots of sitting in front of a computer. I have to remind myself to stand up and do some moving.

The key to this is both food and exercise. Not just a diet as in the latest book on the market, but rather one that is filled with the right type of food. A diet that is not filled with processed food is a good start. A diet that contains a lot of fresh fruit and vegetable is the way to do it and that is part of the equation. As for exercise the key seems to be 150 minutes of moderate intense aerobic exercise and in that, two sessions of muscle strengthening exercise. What is amazing, it is a universal fact. Documents from the American Heart Association, the World Health Organization and Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology , all point out that for an adult between the ages 18-64 it is 120 minutes a week. The type of exercise is varied and is open to whatever makes you feel good. Aerobic and strengthing can help. From running, walking to anything that moves the body is part of the plan, and some sort of cross-training that strengthens the muscles and bones. Over the course of 7 days, it works out to less then 20 minutes a day. One of the easiest ways to look at it is 30 minutes a day for five days. Most articles say its fine to take the weekend off, and have a relaxing time. Or, the weekend will be a good time to make up the deficit of what's lacking for the week. Of course, the concern might be if you become a 'weekend warrior', doing all the exercise in an intense period rather then spreading it over the whole seven days.

When you look at it, what's 150 minutes? It`s the equivalent to watching or not watching 5 episodes of a 30 minute show. Or the better way of looking at it, don`t watch that 30 minute episode of the show. You can always watching it another time and with this Internet things, it`s probably some place online. I`m watching the `Big Bang Theory', it is an episode I've seen about a dozen time. So you might be asking why I'm not exercising. Do you really need to ask? Okay, I did a 68 minute run this afternoon and my usual 45 minute morning work-out of strength training and some aerobic. So I can watch.

I know the issue is time, well, then why waste those 30 watching the same program over and over again? It is a matter of priority. The key is to get those muscles moving and loosen up. It is important to exercise what you have. One muscle that needs a good workout has to be the heart muscle, in fact you need to get it in shape. It works better when it's worked hard. The last muscle you want to have a cramp in, is the heart, because a cramp there is called, umm, a heart attack.

Keep fit. Find that time. it's a matter of what becomes important in your life. We can always watch the Big Bang at the different time, of course you might have to give up another show. Seriously, it's important to your life. I know I've been accused of being some sort of exercise fanatic but after spending a couple of weeks in intensive care, it wakes you up to the importance of a fit life.

I have to say, the Canadian poster reminds us to run, walk, wheel and embrace life. Embracing life makes it important to have the least amount of limitations to embrace and enjoy. Also it adds one of the best ways to exercise is enjoy the family through outing. Again it all about getting moving and doing something that changes your life for the better. Go for it.

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