Monday, July 25, 2016

Being Outside

Summer is great for a number or reasons. The weather is warmer, the amount of clothes becomes less and even in the heat it is possible to be comfortable. As a runner, I feels it's always a great experience and even though I might have to run later on in the day to avoid the hot humid conditions, it is a great feeling.

It's also a great time to do the morning workout outside. As I've have written I take time almost each morning to do a series of workouts from Skimble

Each morning, I get out my yoga mat, a thicker one that I purchased a few years ago from Giant Tiger. It's a bit of a regular kind of mat so I don't mind using it outside. This is actually the answer to the trivia question, why do I have more then one mat? I have more then one mat because of different conditions and locations. Okay the Dusky Leaf one was because I wanted a different colour and was inspired after the Yoga Conference to get something different. Plus Dusky Leaf is a great Canadian company.

After the mat goes out, so does a few hand weights and any other prop I many require, plus the radio. Here is another plug for satellite radio, great variety of music and tastes. I turn on The Spa channel and listen to the bliss. Much more then the music, it's the entire experience. It's listening to the sounds of the morning. There is a lot that happens, wind sounds, bird songs, and even the neighbours part of the sound. For some of the neighbours, it's the start of the day, either getting ready for work, or jumping into the car, or the motorcycle as one neighbour does, or walking the dog.

Plus where else can you go into a tree pose by looking either at trees or some of the flowers that are set up at eye level. So everything works with this weather. It is good to be able to enjoy the outside. I know I run and bike plus walk- but to start the day outside, that makes a special experience.

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