Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Dr. Cool is Cool

Last year I finally got bit by the injury bug, big time. I went through a time when I had problems with my right ankle, my right groin and my left knee. Yes the trifecta of problems. I did cut back on my running and concentrating more on biking. I know what part of the issue was, a number of years ago I fractured both parts of the right ankle and have had a few issues over the year. Even though I was riding, I did get a few runs in and even a few races.

Time passed and most of the problems did go away. The knee is basically healed, although I still get a time when I feel a bit stiff down there, but nothing the impedes anything. I consider where I was a year ago and realize that it's getting better.

One thing I did do was to purchase a Dr. Cool Ice Wrap. It has been great for the knee. When I purchased, I went for one size that was more for the ankle which was a small. It still works for the knee but I realize I will purchase a larger size.

As I write this, I should put in the disclaimer, I purchased this product and have not received anything in the way of remuneration to make this blog. I'm just discussing some of the products I use as part of my exercise and running program.

Dr. Cool makes products that are both for icing and for compression. As one of the pages on the website states:

Injuries happen, it’s just a part of having fun, but life does not need to slow down for you to get better. Wrap your bumps, bruises sprains and excuses in a Dr. Cool ice wrap. Dr. Cool is the first and only product to combine ice and compression in one flexible chemical-free injury wrap. Simply wet and freeze the Dr. Cool wrap for ice therapy … no ice packs or gels needed. Dr. Cool ice wraps are available in three sizes to provide ice and compression therapy in one convenient, flexible chemical-free ice wrap that goes everywhere you go!

It is simple to use as well, wet the wrap, place wrap in freezer, do what you need to do and come back in an hour. Pull it out of the freezer and then wrap. It has Velcro so it is easy to wrap around the part requiring the wrap. According to the advertisement, one can wrap and use during workout. Haven't tried and likely I'm not, since I prefer the after effect. As it is just pulled from the freezer it is still, but a few moments out and it will thaw enough that it can be tightened as required.

Quick opinion, it does work, it applies the 'ice' directly to the place of need. I usually have it on and stretch out the leg relaxing. I know that not having the wrap, the muscles and tendons of the knee would be very stiff, but after wearing the wrap for a couple of hours, the muscles and tendons are looser and there it not the discomfort afterwards. That to me the main part of the wrap, it relaxes everything so there is not the tightness. It feels better and so afterwards I can move it without the stiffness. I have to say, I don't have the joint stiffness after working out. I do feel it, when doing things such as squats or burpees- I have to write a blog about burpees, by the way.

With the warmer weather, it has been very nice to put a cold wrap on any part of me, I didn't use it much during the winter, since it was winter and I more wanted to get warm. I noticed on the website they now sell apparel, something to consider.

I plan to keep using Dr. Cool, it meets the need, it works and it feels fine.

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