Saturday, May 23, 2015

It's the Little things

There are a few things I do to get started for running. I do these things because it truly is the little things that make each run a pleasant an experience as possible. Also, doing some of these things will make the days after the run even better.

The two things I do with each run is the following, apply some lip balm and apply some Body Glide. I use both for a number or reasons, all of which make the running experience a good one.

So what are my reasons.

The lip balm is simple, what I do is use ones that have a good SPF rating. While this is important during the winter, it's also important during the summer. While it might be an easy thing to think of apply sunscreen to the face or any other exposed skin during the run, because we are aware of the potential risks of the full sun. When you think about it, running for an hour or two in the sun will give you some nice tan, or if you're susceptible sun burn. Of course, it's good to wear the sun screen. What I also have learned over the years is the lips can suffer the effects of too much sun, wind or extreme temperatures. While it may be unique to me, although my reading indicates it can be a problem with some runners.

Cold sores can happen due to exposure to extreme conditions, too much wind or cold temperatures. As well, UV rays can have an impact and if you've had fever blisters or cold sores, you know it is an annoying and painful experience. I have learned that I need to have more then just lip balm, I need the SPF of at least 30, certainly more is better. I know that the lips can be something that is forgotten because, how many times do we think about our lips. Probably not often, usually only when things go wrong.

It takes only moment to apply the right lip balm, one that moisterizes and protects. I've tried a number of brands and they will all help. As with all things, the higher the SPF number, the better. I bought some at a Color Run, it has a distinct orange colour, which works when I'm wearing my orange compression socks and my orange top.

The next process is the Body Glide. It is to deal with the potential risk of chaffing and blisters that is the bane of each and every runner. With all parts of our body moving and with sweat being a part of the equation, there is also the risk of chaffing and in the feet, blisters. Since the feet take the most of the pounding, blisters can be very painful. I've had a few and they are not only painful when running, but for all aspects of life. Plus in the midst of training, it can stop a few runs just because of the pain, or the risk of infection if it bursts during a run. I do make sure there is a good layer of Body Glide on the feet before the run. If you're not sure if you've got enough Body Glide on, just see if you slide.

There are other places where chaffing is a problem, such as in the thighs areas. The rubbing of fabric against sweaty skin can be problematic. It may not be a problem for short runs, or during cool temperatures, but they can be a problem. Part of the problem can be dealt with by the right type of running shorts. So it's worth shopping around for a comfortable pair.

Then there is the problem which impact men runners and it can be found in places like "Embarrassing Running Problems". The problem is 'bloody nipples'. It's one of those topics we don't talk about or discuss, but it is a problem. Now, they don't start bleeding right away, that would be too simple, no it usually starts with sensitivity. You jump in the shower, and start soaping up the face cloths and when you do your chest, it's like "OWWW", whoa that's sensitive. It might go away and then perhaps the next time you run, the pain is still there, it's not going away, in fact it might even be a little worse, if that's possible. Then it happens, you're running along, there is some pain and then you look down. There you see them, two tell tale red lines. Sweat makes it look worse but it's there. Blood running down the shirt from the nipples. It is embarrassing and painful. I tried a number of solutions to the problem, the first was bandages. After all, band-aids stop bleeding and with the nipples covered, they are protected. They work but there is the risk they will fall off, because of the sweat and the constant movement. By the way, bandages on the toes can help protect against blisters.

Then I tried petroleum jelly. This is a good solution but they leave stains on the clothes. Which can be annoying, although not painful. You end up with two darkish lines on the running shirts. By the way, it has to be said again, cotton is not to be worn. Cotton tees can be a way of getting the bleeding nipples because of the material and the fact it holds all that nice sweat. Plus do you really want to see those bloody stains on a white cotton tee. Not a nice sight and will probably scare small children.

The best solution to bleeding nipples is Body Glide. Hands down it helps. It helps and there is no oily smear on the clothes. I can give encourage and advice that this is the best product there is on the market. I say that and I don't receive anything from the company. It is good and I don't mind paying for it.

As I said, it is the little things that can make the difference between a wonderful run and a painful one. Don't forget the little things.

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