Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Getting Started

There comes the time when motivation becomes action. When getting started with an exercise program, the first question asked, is what do you want to do. The second is, how do I do this?

If you watch commercials, you might think that to get in shape will cost you money, and perhaps a lot of it. After all, you can't get in shape without buying some really cool equipment, or take out membership at a gym, or even get onto some sort of diet plan. All of which has its place.

However, I want to suggest that no matter what you want to do, you can get started with a minimal amount of equipment and a minimal amount of cash. I'm going to later discuss gym membership, but let's just get you going. If you decide to start a program, there is a lot you can do to get going. There are a few words which need to be a part of your vocabulary. The are: push-ups, crunches, planks, wall sits. You might remember all these from those long ago days in high school gym class. Take a few moments to stop the hyper-ventilation from recalling all those memories that you thought were repressed. Yes, we do all remember those times in gym class. Listen, there is no one going to judge you, it's just you and your exercise. One good thing, is that through these exercises, you discover that the best gym you can have is your own body. The Push-up is a great exercise to develop the arms, shoulders and upper back. Abs, and let me say, there is a great variety of these exercises, work on the abs. We all dream of the six pack. The plank strengthens the core, the mid-section of your body. The wall sit, looks after the glutes and legs. Four simple exercises will get you started and develop some of most challenging parts of your body.

If you want to establish a home gym, or home exercise area then you can start with those four types of exercise. May I suggest spending some time with YouTube and look for the variety and types, as well as programs. Another source of workout programs is my favourite site, Skimble. I've been a member since 2010 and I enjoyed how they've developed from simply a site where you log your exercises, to one which has workout and workout programs. There is a pro membership, but it's only $10.00 a year. Of course there are other things for them to raise money, but for what they offer, it is worth the investment. I'll probably talk further on the subject of Skimble in a later blog post.

Back to the subject of home gym; what you can acquire is a small exercise mat, probably a yoga mat since those are popular and the cost is whatever you want. Have an area where you can set up your equipment that gives both room and doesn't bother anyone else. Some suggest in a TV room, and if that works, go for it. You might just need a place for you to play music. I play relaxing meditative music. It works with what I do, I mean if I was lifting twice my body weight- it would be Marilyn Manson, but for what I do, this is sufficient. You may want to purchase either dumbbells or kettlebells. Or both, they can be had for a reasonable price. I like kettlebells. They give you a different style of exercise then dumbbells. Their form and the way they are used uses more muscles and give a better workout. It's through the shape, with the handle, the exercise is not smooth, but because of the movement, uses more muscles. Buy a number of them of different weights so as to develop and increase your ability to exercise. If you aren't sure what to do with kettlebells, there are again, a lot of exercise programs available through the Internet and you can watch them in action through You Tube videos. Don't dismiss Youtube as the source of cat videos or crotch shots, there is a lot of good material out there, and it is all free. Don't underestimate the material either, there are some trainers out there putting their work out there for you to use. Take advantage of it. To give you an example, go to BestKettlebellworkout. This site has a beginners manual you can download and print. This way, you can have a program.

You may think and if there is room, a weight bench and some free weights could also be added. This will help and you can further expand what you need to do. Everything you purchase need not be top of the line either, simple equipment or when the season comes about, check out garage sales, there's always somebody getting rid of the weight bench and weights that have been clogging up space in the basement.

Something else you may consider is downloading and printing free weight training and workout logs. Here you can keep a record of what you've done and when you've done it. This help you mark your progress and acts as your written conscious. Haven't used it for a while? It sits there as a silent witness. Get using and filling it out! There are also apps you can install on your smartphone to help you with the exercise.

There is no reason not to get going and no reason why you have to spend hundreds of dollars. If you start simple, you can get going for less then $100.00 and be able to put together a good program that will get you going and give you a good workout. We have the resources out there, we just need to spend a few minutes finding it.

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